Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery was established in 2008 by Johann and Suvette Claassens. A business built on passion and dedication to creating the unforgettable. We design and manufacture to suit your requirements and budget, while guiding you through all the various steps of selection and decision making. Our service is focussed on you as the centre piece.

We proudly use hand manufacturing skills, while also embracing modern computer aided design (CAD) technologies. We are able to supply our clients with a 3D wax model of the computerised design, to ensure that the final piece will meet your needs.

Unique Policy

Together with our clients, we work hand-in-hand through all stages of product creation: starting with a rough concept outline, through detail design, and finally the manufacturing of your unique jewellery piece.

Our careful selection of suppliers ensures the best possible pricing and quality of metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Contact us now to start your journey to owning a unique Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery piece!