Every couple is uniquely placed together to form one beautiful unity of complexity and diversity, fused and moulded together to unite in something rare and unique.
We believe that your engagement ring, or any jewellery gift for that matter, should be of the same value; rare and unique.

Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery was established in 2008 by Johann and Suvette Claassens, qualified manufacturing jewellers, proudly manufacturing the best quality jewellery that you deserve.
We believe in integrated legacy and elegance, offering you what you deserve and need. Each jewellery piece is thoughtfully created to be the unforgettable.

During our consultations we listen attentively to your requirements, guide you through various materials options to suit your budget, and start with a rough concept drawing. After the initial consultation the sketch and specifications are brought to life through a computer aided design (CAD) animation, and presented together with a professional quotation, which may include options for your consideration. On receiving your final approval, the CAD design is manufactured using only the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques, ensuring that your jewellery piece will stand the test of time.

Attention to detail and quality is key throughout the entire manufacturing process. All stages of design and manufacturing are done in the Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery studio by our qualified team of jewellers. Should any specific elements need outsourcing, we confidently make use of the finest suppliers in the jewellery industry.
No love between two people is the same, just as no two people are the same. So why settle for mass-produced, off-the-shelf store items of dubious quality, when your unique relationship is best encapsulated by a custom-designed jewellery piece…

Let your jewellery be your pride, a promise of forever, and as unique as the love you share with your loved one.