Meet The Team

Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery was established by Johann and Suvette in 2008. A business built on passion and dedication to creating the unforgettable.


Piccolo’s own personal designer, and miracle worker, using modern computer aided design (CAD) programs. With a fine eye for detail and unique design ideas, he does all our custom designs. He loves the idea of someone being surprised with an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a ‘just because you deserve it’ jewellery gift.


Piccolo’s ultimate bench worker, responsible for turning your unique design into a reality. With a fine touch and great attention to detail, no piece is left unloved and will receive the utmost care to ensure a sparkling jewellery piece of the best quality.
Together with Johann, they form the core team that meet with clients during consultations. They strive to make your wildest dreams come true, using the best quality materials, and focusing on your personal needs.


Piccolo’s client service master. She’ll confirm your appointments, direct you to the best person to attend to any enquiries, and keeps clients informed on the progress of work. The go-to person that keeps the ship sailing, while the rest of the team do what they do best: creating jewellery.