Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting challenge due to the endless options available! Here are a few tips to ease the process:

Her jewellery style is what counts. You can get a good idea of the jewellery style of your bride-to-be by observing the day-to-day jewellery that she wears. Naturally an engagement and/or wedding ring will be something more special, but no need to surprise her with an antique style ring if she wears only modern jewellery! Also take note of her preference for white or yellow precious metals, and whether she prefers white or coloured stones. Window-shopping at a few jewellery stores can also help; ladies will usually gravitate towards a jewellery style that they like…

Her ring size is what every jeweller wants to know and it is a necessity for a perfect fit!  If your lady is not expecting that all-important question to be popped, her ring size may not be the easiest piece of information to get hold of. Use any ring shopping excursion to pay attention to her ring size; if the size is not visible on the ring tag ask the shop assistant what the size is. If you still have no idea of her ring size, it is advisable that you bring us a ring that she has worn on either of her ring fingers.

Your budget is the determining factor in the available options for creating the engagement ring. On average, 1 to 3 month’s income is usually spent on an engagement ring (this is only an indication; your financial position will have the final say on how much you can spend). Also remember that it usually does not stop with an engagement ring and that wedding bands are often added to the ring on the wedding day. Many factors will determine the cost of your engagement ring – we will advise you from the onset regarding various design options and choices of metals and stones to suit your budget.

Our quotation is an interactive process of considering options that will suit your budget. Sometimes the quotation could take some days to finalise while we source your stone(s) of choice. Should you prefer to shop around between jewellers, be sure to compare apples with apples! For example, a difference in the carat weight or clarity rating of a diamond could make a significant difference in the cost.